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04 Track 04 by Shine Edgar

The Dream Tree Project.

Come join us at The Red Room with the Beats Without Borders community as part of Adham Shaikh’s Dream Tree Project. Beats and synths by Adham Shaikh with sitar by the master Uwe Neumann. Featuring custom visuals by Sijay James of Onbeyond Metamedia. Shine will be one of the special musical Guests.

check out the details here:!/event.php?eid=169433013147870


Welcome to the new website of Shine. We’re just getting things set up in here so bear with us.

“The greatest natural resource on Earth is inside everyone of us.
Our purpose is to realize our greatness and make the World a greater place for it.
How do we access and awaken our greatness?
just breathe, be still and know that we are it!!”