The world is sung into being, matter is composed of sound vibrations, so nothing really dies…. it just changes form, on and on through time, retaining a memory so that it can evolve, to higher and higher life forms.Therefore the Universe is a Conscious and intelligent being that we are all a part of..

Each of us is born with a purpose and when we follow our passion and our joy, we live our dream and when we live our dream, we are happy, healthy and whole. When we compromise our dreams… we become DISeased and it will manifest in all manner of illnesses.

The Didjeridu helps to awaken cellular memory and activates the DNA so that we can remember who we are and realize our true purpose.

Shine was initiated into didjeridu healing by an Indigenous Aboriginal elder in 1991. He offered sound healing at the International renowned Hollyhock retreat centre for over 10 years. and has offered sound healing worldwide since 1995. A number of leading experts in the field of spiritual healing, including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Das, and Dr Andrew Weil have all experienced Shine’s work, Shine’s deep and soulful Didjeridu playing, combined with timeless messages of indigenous wisdom, takes listeners on ecstatic dreamtime journeys into self discovery and inner transformation.

For more information on private and group sessions or to book appointments please contact Shine at shine_like_thesun@hotmail.com


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