I first met Shine at Hollyhock back in 2008 and knew from our first encounter that he was a deeply integral and inspiring human being.  I was undergoing a major spiritual and life initiation at the time, and his resonance was a clear beacon of where I was heading, although I may not have known it at the time.  Near the end of my week on Cortes I booked a healing session and showed up with great intrigue and excitement.  Shine as always was so heartfelt and humble, and offered such clear loving reflections of what I needed at that time.  Once the session began it catapulted me into deep understandings of the power of sound healing as it viscerally awoken the potential in my own cells.  I felt his connection with the ancestors coursing through me and found myself at the beginning of a path I had been searching for for over 10 years.

After the session he calmly reflected back to me my own power and effortlessly pointed me in the direction of myself.  Ten years later now I recognize that moment as a major catalyst on my own journey as a sound healer and shamanic practitioner and facilitator.  I am forever grateful to my dear brother for his authenticity and strength to bring forth his medicine for those of us who need it at the perfect time.

My next meeting with him 7 years later was just as profound, and now I consider him one of my dearest brothers.

Thank you Shine for all that you are and the magic you offer the world.


André Nobels

My didjeridu sound healing session with Shine was amazing to say the least! He took the time to listen to the current and past challenges I have been going through in my relationships. And offered me some key insights that continue to help me to this day! The sound healing itself was profound I found it somehow so easy to let go into the energy vibrations and it allowed so much heaviness in my mind to be lifted way. At times I felt so connected to my ancestors and could feel their ancient wisdom, it is a precious feeling I will never forget, I draw strength from it in times of uncertainty. I look forward to future sessions with Shine! I feel so blessed and grateful to have him in my life, it has made the world of difference for me!

Maggie Lee

Shine’s music touched me in such a deep place within. In a gentle yet firm way, I felt shaken to my vulnerable core, and that vulnerable core was then exalted; emotionally and energetically placing me in in a right way, in right relationship with my own life essence. Im deeply grateful for the healing I experienced, and am still experiencing, following a healing session with Shine.
Thank you.
Aspen Lucia